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 Caught and Spanked

5766 words, 16 pages


Carley is young, inexperienced and in love. She breaks the rules, is about to make love. Interrupted by Officer O’Holleran and a visit to the sheriff’s office, she goes home with her mother. Instead of new exciting feelings on her backside in the back of a truck, she experiences old exciting feelings on her backside at home. A Christian mother, a Christian daughter, Carley learns the value of virtue, her life is changed by appropriate discipline.


Paddling, spanking, corporal punishment is becoming a crime, wrong, evil. Is it? God prescribes it in all the major religions. Is God wrong? What is wrong, is doing it incorrectly. The purpose of these stories is to show the right way, the non-abusive way to correct---by example. Hurting a child, spanking in anger, using a tool that can cause injury, these are wrong. Spanking with love is not. Causing tears of repentance and correction in order to avert tears of a life irreparably damaged is right, not wrong. Spanking works. Spanking is a useful parental tool. Spanking can change lives for the better.


Have you hugged your child today? Some children need spanking. All children need hugs, especially after a needed spanking. Love is the key, the key to life. Sometimes love is best shown by a spanking.


And spanking like any discipline must be directed at correctable acts, not the child. Children can correct an act, not who they are.

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