The Good Enema

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††††††† ďIím going to give youa good enemaĒ has anyone said this to you; have you heard it, not looking up, not able to face the eyes behind the voice; knowing that in minutes you will be naked, a nozzle in your bottom, a bulging bag of water hanging over you; knowing that your rectum will pulsate with waves of water until youíre full, until quivering you beg her to stop, to let you go to the bathroom; knowing that after she removes the nozzle, covers your nakedness with sheets and blankets, that you will lie holding the enema within you, a wet and ferocious thing moving, living, powered by the contractions of your own colon, clawing at your anus to get out, until she thinks itís time, until she thinks the enema has accomplished its purpose; knowing that you are about to experience one of the most embarrassing, most psychologically challenging and most intimate of medical procedures: have you been given a good enema?


††††††† I have.

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